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    PET PAK guarantees top quality in every stage of production. With close cooperation with our clients, we create efficient and innovative solutions in the field of packing.



Design versatility
The design versatility of the PET material is suitable for all kinds of shapes, sizes , colors and bottlenecks designs.

A product in our plastic bottles maintains its original flavour. This is due to the fact that PET is in compliance with international regulations regarding contact with foods.

Crystal clear
The products have an attractive appearance. They are extremely clean and do not represent any health hazards. Bubbles in PET plastic bottles draw attention. With its perfect transparency, such packaging enables a presentation of products comparable to that of glass.

Absolute impermeability is created by spraying up to the end of the bottleneck. The result is that there is no weld on the entire surface of the bottle, enabling perfect impermeability.

Low weight
PET plastic bottles represent only 10% of the weight of glass packaging. This allows about 30% savings on transportation. Due to the thin walls of a plastic bottle, the efficiency on store shelves improves by 25% compared to glass. Due to their strength and low weight, PET bottles may be stacked as high as glass bottles.

Perfect environmental characteristics in one material. Used PET plastic bottles may be washed, crushed into pieces, and reshaped back into plastic bottles, or built into binding materials (straps), carpets, etc. Specially made PET plastic bottles with thicker walls may be washed, filled, and reused. PET is made of the same three elements (carbon, oxygen, hydrogen) as paper and does not contain toxic substances. By burning, it produces carbon dioxide and water without toxic residue.

PET plastic bottles are durable and practically unbreakable throughout the production, storage, or transportation. Even in the case of an accident, they simply crack and do not shatter. High impact resistance and tensile strength are characteristics that make PET plastic bottles especially suitable for carbonated products.

Wall durability
PET products ensure low permeability of oxygen, carbon dioxide, and water. This ensures a high level of protection, maintenance of product integrity, and thus an excellent shelf life. PET, among other things, allows excellent chemical resistance.

Excellent durability
PET material ensures the best chemical resistance among all comparable polymers which are currently in use in the packaging industry.

Long shelf life
With its high wall resistance it provides an extremely long life of the product on store shelves.

PET PAK is a global

PET PAK is a global company with family roots. Due to the latter, we do everything with passion and dedication. With our business activities, we have a notable presence in the fields of cosmetics, food, and pharmaceutical industry.

Guaranteed high quality

Quality plays a central part in our company. The entire production process is thus subject to strict quality standards under the certificate ISO 9001:2015.

Responsible for the environment

Our company is committed to the ISO 14001 standard, which is one of the most important tools used by organisations worldwide to respond to the challenges that their activities present to the environment.