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pet pak food industry


The list below shows only a small percentage of our most popular selling articles - only to outline what we can offer. Customers have the choice of one of our already existing products or the possibility to develop a completley new product according to his specific needs, for what PET PAK is well known. You can find more about this in the section "Packaging solutions".



  • Article number: 02803001C
  • Volumen: 300 ml
  • Neck finish: 28SP410
  • Height: 135,5 mm
  • Size FI: 92 x 51mm


  • Article number: VASETTO
  • Volumen: 300 ml, 500 ml
  • Height: 70 mm, 92 mm
  • Size FI: 90 mm, 101 mm


  • Article number: CAP VASETTO
  • Height: 17 mm, 20 mm
  • Size FI: 91 mm, 102 mm

PET PAK is a global

PET PAK is a global company with family roots. Due to the latter, we do everything with passion and dedication. With our business activities, we have a notable presence in the fields of cosmetics, food, and pharmaceutical industry.

Guaranteed high quality

Quality plays a central part in our company. The entire production process is thus subject to strict quality standards under the certificate ISO 9001:2015.

Responsible for the environment

Our company is committed to the ISO 14001 standard, which is one of the most important tools used by organisations worldwide to respond to the challenges that their activities present to the environment.